Drew Foam of Georgia
Drew Foam of Georgia

Fabrication Services

Project description:
Custom products can be designed without the added expense of mold casting for small production runs, specialty foams, and architectural detailing. Hot wire cutting using advanced CNC technology allows for intricate shaping of various foams to custom requirements of density and flexibility. From simple to complex, our design team can find the perfect solution to meet your needs.

EPS is supplied to molders in the form of a polystyrene bead; EPS beads are loaded with a blowing agent, usually pentane, and other chemical agents and additives which give the beads expansion vibrancy and allow them to be processed and molded into low-density foam articles; EPS is comprised of 90 percent air. The shock absorbing properties and other qualities of EPS foam, combined with its low-cost, high insulating properties, custom moldability, ease of processing ancd the fact that it is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly makes it an ideal material for many custom uses.

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