Drew Foam of Georgia
Drew Foam of Georgia

Custom Fabricated Insulated EPS Shipping Packaging

Project description:
As a leader in EPS packaging solutions, at Drew Foam of Georgia, we can create custom insulated packaging for any application. EPS is a highly customizable material allowing us to design a solution with the appropriate density and insulation characteristics to meet the needs of customers in a variety of industries including the perishable food industry. For smaller volume customers, custom shapes can be wirecut on our CNC machinery. When volume increases, it is often more cost effective to purchase a mold. In-house engineers can work with customers to determine the optimal manufacturing solution for their volume and application.

Additional materials including polyether, polyester and hydrophilic polyurethane foams as well as corrugated cardboard can be incorporated into designs. We also offer gel cooling packs capable of absorbing 36,000 calories per pound of gel before thawing. These combined capabilities allow us to provide unique solutions for any food packaging and shipping application.

  • Other than expanded polystyrene, other foams can be incorporated in your design. The properties of a particular foam can be identified and specified very precisely. Therefore it is possible to identify the right foam for the right application. Foams available include:
    • Polyether - open cell soft and flexible foam. Excellent for cushioning and resiliency and cost effective. Used for packaging case inserts, toys and seals.
    • Polyester- another open cell soft and flexible foam. Excellent cushioning and resiliency in a medium price range. Used for sound and vibration absorption, case inserts, packaging and novelty. It includes light, medium, and firm grades of polyether and polyester foams, light and firm anti-static polyether foams.
    • Hydrophilic polyurethane in both reticulated and non-reticulated varieties.
  • When corrugated or other packaging material is a necessity, you can greatly reduce the amount needed by supplementing the design with foam laminate. Some applications may be enhanced including lamination to corrugated. Various methods can be incorporated in the design. (heat bonding , hot- melt lamination, pressure sensitive adhesive or solvent based adhesive.)

For more information about our custom insulated packaging, contact us directly.